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Recently, I really got into the Young Justice cartoon.

(my favorite's the guy with the banana :D )

(The Young Justice cartoon, is, as far as I can tell, only loosly based on the Young Justice comics, which is made obvious by the fact that their Robin and Speedster are Dick and Wally instead of Tim and Bart, their Superboy has a completely different personality, their archer is Artemis instead of Cissie, their floating girl is Miss Martian and not Spectre and the comics never had an undersea superhero (as far as I know). But hey, they kept Red Tornado. Also, apparently the cartoon is about Earth 16 or something, but I have no idea what that's about)

Actually, no, that's a lie.

I recently got into the fandom for the Young Justice cartoon. Especially the fics on the yj_anon_meme (though you kind of have to troll through the pages of requests, because the delicio.us. archive is sadly understaffed).


I am not happy about this. D< okay so mostly I am, whatever

I haven't even seen more than the first episode (which was actually a two parter) and half of a latter one.

I have no context for this story!!!

And I was perfectly happy being in my Star Trek 2009 phase again, thankyouverymuch, with it's Tarsus IV angst and Kirk!Daddy issues and its wonderful McKirk or McCoy/Jim or Bones/Jim or whatever.

And it's all my sister's fault. >/

She was telling me about this one fic she'd read (it's this fic if you're curious, though warnings because it's somewhat dark and can be triggery, but all that is explained in the beginning authors notes), and how amazing it was, and it was pretty much exactly my cup of tea, so I went and read it and now I can't get away.

Guys, help!!!!

P.S. Why do I always write these things at insanely odd hours?

P.P.S. That Popsicle I just had was amazing!

P.P.P.S. oh my god at the end of this month I'm leaving for college.

Oh yeah, I'm going there.

Today, we are here to talk about MPreg.

Or, more specifically, the people who hate MPreg but choose to write it anyway.

Let's get one thing straight- I love MPreg and I pretty much hate these people, but I'm not exactly sure why. It's not because they hate something I like- if we searched through their kinks, there's bound to be something I hate that they like.

(This doesn't include those MPreg haters who insist on pushing their views on to everyone else, saying how it doesn't make any sense. I know it doesn't make any goddamned sense. And you know what? Neither does writing about people who don't exist (or those who do) when we earn nothing off it, nor do half (okay, actually, pretty much all) our fandoms in some way or another.)

No, my problem lies in the fact that these people claim to hate MPreg, and then they go and write a fic with it. More often than not, it's a crack fic, that not only mocks MPreg, but also turns most characters involved into parodies of themselves. It's sickening.

You know what? I just figured out why I hate these people.

I hate them because their mock MPreg fanfics seem a lot more like they're making fun of those who like the plot device that is MPreg than they are writing a story. When I see these fics, I feel more like the authors are getting enjoyment out of making fun of something they hate, as well as the people who like the thing they hate.

It really frustrates me. Actually, it makes me downright angry.

Why can't people respect that just because they don't like something, other people do? And that making a mockery of what other people like isn't nice? Do I really have to play the Nazi card, here?

And I know that this doesn't apply to all fics of this sort. But I have seen enough of this kind that it's gotten under my skin, and I just had to say (or write, really) something.

EDIT: Holy fuck I wrote a lot more than I expected. TL; DR version: I like MPreg. I dislike people who hate MPreg and insist on writing about it anyway, most often in parody form. Discuss.

I'm an idiot

I've been reading quite a few Batman fanfics recently (uh, yeah, they are mostly Batman/Joker) and I've come across a problem.

When reading most words, I only read far enough into the word that I can guess what it is in context of the sentence, and sometimes this means it only takes one letter. Such as with the word Batman. I see the capital B and know what it means.

The problem comes when you realize that Bruce also starts with a capital B. And I also identify it the same way. This isn't so bad from scene to scene where 'Batman' and 'Bruce' are mostly seperated- I can catch on pretty quickly to which forms he's in, and there is little to no confusion.

But then there come a lot of scenes in fanfiction where the Joker reveals that he knows Bruce Wayne is the Batman, usually by calling the Batman 'Bruce' to his face.

And this always flies over my head. I completely miss when it happens, because the way I identify words doesn't let me recognize the difference between 'Bruce' and 'Batman'.

So when Batman freaks out on the Joker for knowing who he is, I am completely lost as to what's going on, and it generally takes me a few paragraphs before I catch on to what's happening.

It's not too horrible, but it does tend to remove me from feeling the drama of the scene.

And okay I don't know why I made an entry about this. Huh.

I hate things sometimes

What's the point of being anon on a kinkmeme if people log and pay attention to your IP address?

I mean, seriously, the point of the anonymity of a kinkmeme is so that people can feel comfortable to ask for what they want without it getting traced back to them, so that no one can even attempt to judge them. I'm not ashamed of my kinks- I'm just not. I go anon because that's important on most kinkmeme's, and that's how they want you to play it, even if you don't care.

But then turning around and acknowledging that you know which IP address requested what kinks? Not cool mods, not cool.

Being sick sucks

I'm starting to get sick, and it's made me realize that the last time I was sick was so bad that it actually kind of traumatized me.

I am now literally afraid to be that sick, and am terrified that I will be.


Gnomeo and Juliet

I just watched Gnomeo and Juliet. It was like the cutest thing ever. And it ended so much better than the actual story of Romeo and Juliet, IMHO.

Granted, there were some logical fallacies, such as the gnomes ordering a Lawnmower (OF DEATH) online, without having to input a credit card number, and the company dropping it off in under an hour with out waiting for someone to sign off on it, but those things can be excused because it was a cartoon. Also, the romance moved a little fast, but it was adorable and heart warming, so I'll forgive it that.

The flamingo's story was the saddest and most moving thing I've seen in a while, and the soundtrack for the movie was excellent (oh yeah, Elton John!).

All in all, I would totally recommend this to people who enjoy cute movies with happy endings and don't mind goofy plots.

Most likely you can find it at your local library, as well as at a bookstore or online.


This is awkward

One of my friends just confessed to having had a crush on me for the last three years. I kind of suspected, but not that it had been for three years.

Also, I'm pretty sure that I didn't know him all that well three years ago, and that until at least last year he had a girlfriend.

Unfortunately, I don't return his feelings. Fortunately, I will be leaving the state in August.







Oh man.

I just got back from about three hours at the hospital, because my Dad got into a car accident (not with another car, more with a ditch- he ended up going off the road and flipping the car) when he was coming to pick me up today. He's okay now, but oh my god that was nerve wracking.

At first I didn't know who it was (we could see it from where I was- me and my friends), and so I was just standing around, but then I got worried and ran over, and found out that it was my dad. I almost freaked out, but the paramedics told me that the best thing for me to do was stay calm, so I kind of pushed all my feelings away and blank faced the hell out and stayed with my dad until we got to the hospital and my mom and my sister came. 

Then we stayed there for three hours while the doctors made sure everything was all right.

It was, my dad's fine, just a little scratched and shaken up. We don't know about the car, though, not yet, which makes me feel bad, because I liked that car, and also now we only have one, and also we can't really afford this stuff right now, especially not with me going to college soon (which reminds me, we had our final assembly the other day, and I got a 500 dollar art scholarship for college).

Also, I feel bad, because he was coming to pick me up, and the only reason he was on that road was because he didn't know the exact place where I was, so he was checking it out and was trying to back up when he fell into the ditch and over turned. Also, he tried to call me, but I had lent out my phone to a friend and didn't get the message.

Also also also I feel bad and this was horrible.    



You know, besides marching practice and the actual graduation and that one paper I have. :(